Christmas Greetings from Mountmellick Embroidery and Heritage Museum

24 Dec 2020
Admin Manager By Admin Manager

To all Friends of Mountmellick Embroidery and Heritage Museum

We hope that this finds you all well and staying safe, Covid 19 has made it a difficult year for everyone, and while we are now going into another lockdown, there is a glimmer of hope on the horizon with the promise of the roll-out of the vaccine to combat Covid 19, we are more optimistic for better times in 2021.  

While our embroidery Museum in line with Government Guidelines has been closed to visitors all year we have not been idle, using the time to apply and secure some Government Grants to carry out some very important renovations to our museum.  These works have just recently been completed and we are very happy with the result which we know will enhance the visitor experience going forward. Perhaps you might for now mentally plan a visit to our Museum in 2021, when Covid restrictions allow it. In order to whet your appetite, we will put up some video and photographs showing our renovations early in the new year.   

For anyone joining us for the first time who may be interested in our Embroidery Museum and its or local history, I would like to refer you to the series of articles published by our Committee on both our Museum and MDA websites,  all through the lockdown since last April which gives you some insight into the history of Mountmellick, our Museum,  key events and individuals which shaped its history. These seventeen articles which are still available cover a range of topics, but are all linked by our heritage, history, industrial past, thymes so embedded in the DNA of this Midlands Town. Perhaps over Christmas, you might like to read them for the first time or revisit again if you have time to spare. 

For now, we would like to wish each and every one of you a very peaceful and Happy Christmas and every good wish for 2021.      

Stay Safe and keep well. 

Kind regards

Ann Dowling

Chairperson, Embroidery & Heritage Museum